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Blue Frida is an online store with a unique and different selection of handbags, shoes and accessories. With the charm of contemporary Mexican design and fair-trade crafts , it has been specially conceived for the Fridas of the 21st century, with style and personality.

Every product is unique in its kind and combines the spirit and magic of the purest Mexican tradition with the originality and freshness of an avant-garde style . We bring you products from young, contemporary designers who have made them by hand with a lot of dedication, effort and love. These principles are the architects of the charm, elegance and quality of each of our products: handmade textiles with soft or vivid colors harmoniously combined, interesting drawings, rich patterns. Every object is manufactured in a slow, artisanal and original way. Creativity is the hallmark of our selection.

Berlin is our head-office and distribution centre to the world.... A city where style and originality are renewed every day as we do for you!